Pre Launch of “SATHYABAMASAT” held today 30/4/16


Pre Launch of  “SATHYABAMASAT” Student Team  held today 30/4/16,  10.oo

Pre Launch of  "SATHYABAMASAT" held today 30/4/16

Pre Launch of “SATHYABAMASAT” held today 30/4/16 @ 10.00 am.













Insight of SATHYABAMASAT ( A Preview)  was shown on the Pre Launch of Sathyabamasat.

Wecome Address & Hightlights of the SATHYABAMASAT given by Dr. B.Sheela Rani.

SATHYABAMASAT Students Initiative Adress by Dr. Marie Johnson, BE., M.B.A., Ph.D

Dr. Mariazeena Johnson, BE., M.B.A., M.Phill., Ph.D.

Presidential Adress by Col. Dr. Jeppiar, M.A., B.L., Ph.D

Founder & Chancellor, Sathyabama University.

Special Adress By Shri, C.A. Prabhakar, Project Director Cartosat 3A &3B ISAC,

Indian Space Research Organisation.

Flag OFF of SATHYABANASAT From Sathyabama University.

Vote of Thanks SATHYABAMASAT Students Team.














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