CLICK ART MUSEUM India’s first Biggest Trick Art Museum


CLICK ART MUSEUM  India’s first Biggest Trick Art Museum

Click Art Museum @ VGP

Click Art Museum @ VGP











Click Art Museum is based in India’s biggest Snow Kingdom at VGP; East Coast Road. It will also be

India’s first of its kind 3D interactive “Trick Art” museum! Art has been perceived only as an artistic,

sensuous, divine or as a collective asset so far. What when art becomes funny, comical and even

interactive? Trick Art is one such unique art that becomes complete only with a participant than its

creator. Puzzling right! Trick Art is also known as “Optical Art” or “3D art” which are mostly two-

dimensional images that give the illusion of the third dimension inviting participatory actions from a

visitor and is painted with clever angles for taking photographs. Art has never been so experiential

and fun-filled before!

CLICK ART MUSEUM is a place with big pictures of optical illusions that will fill one’s head with Idyllic

creations. It will make the participant’s to find themselves transformed into another world, probably re-

born as Mona Lisa’s guest or Atlas’s Friend, A world of trick art!

History of Trick Art

Trick art is said to have a long history of over 2,000 years and it had become an established art form

from the time of the Renaissance Era. The technical name for this type of art is ‘Tompe-l’oeil’, which

in French means ‘deceive the eye’. The purpose of this form of art is to create the illusion that the

Image is three-dimensional when it is actually two dimensional, so that a painting appears to be an

actual object. This form of art is said to have started in Greek and Roman times to make an illusion

that a room was larger than it actually was. This art form was used in a number of western paintings

for many years and is especially noted for the ceiling paintings. The artists were so adept that they

could make a flat ceiling seem vaulted.

The discovery of perspective in the 14 th century triggered the emergence of a wider range of elaborate

visual manipulations in painting and architecture. This visual art technique that tricks the eye by

creating an optical illusion came into fashion as realistic illusionary portraits and gained popularity

among the 17 th century French court and social elites. With its roots in both ancient Greece and Rome

this illusion art can be seen in olden cities such as Pompeii. The story of ancient Greek painter

Zeuxis and his rival Parrhasius is perhaps one of their most quoted examples.

Clever painting of shadows and action outside the perimeter creates sensory illusions tempting the

observer to perform an action and invites equal participation. The artist and the observer are at war

with each other in an Art scape. The optical illusions give rise to the natural inquisitive instinct in

humans and the observer is excited in finding out whether that object (in 3D) really exists or not. The

desire to judge things and always be right is an innate human instinct. But here it is also a war

between the brain and the eye. The pre-recorded visual patterns in the brain formed out of

experience, assumptions and preconceptions tricks the eye to make quick judgments while the brain

subconsciously tries to find the truth and expose them.

Each work of Trick Art looks differently when seen from different angle or spots. Its magic magnifies

when seen from camera lenses. The results of recent studies from around the world indicate that

looking at TRICK ART can stimulate the human brain. Changes in the brain seem to due to the

excitement caused by the challenge to the basic human instinct.

It is funny and comical though not fooling! In fact it’s a fun way to exercise the brain!

What to Expect?

Come to experience the “pleasure of being deceived” with 24 different types of TRICK ART within the

“Click Art Museum”!

A list of the exciting paintings:

1. “Mama u wanna hate me” – Adam giving Apple

2. “And the Best Award goes to…” – Oscar giving Oscar Award

3. “There is an angel in you” – Two angels without body and observer becomes the angel

4. “Dolphinum Naanum” – give ring to the Dolphin that jumps out of the frame

5. “The Cutting Edge “– feel yourself as if you are a part of a magic show where your body is


6. “Naduvula konjam kadhavaik kaanom” – what if someone peeps over you in the restroom??

7. “Nee enna periya appatakkaraa” – are you really brave enough to fight this cobra that is

bouncing on you out of the frame?

8. “Venice is not far off” – realize your dream of travelling to Venice, the boat is ready to take


9. “This smile is much tempting than coffee” – do you want to be hosted by Monalisa? She

awaits you with a coffee…

10. “Music with Monalisa” – She offers plays music for you… wow!

11. “Mama’s Womb” – feel yourself going back to Mama’s womb with this big bubble out there.

12. “Selfie Pulla” – Take selfies with a chimpanzee, but please don’t terrify it!

13. “Alas! a Diamond Ring” – Atlas waits to present a diamond ring

14. “Mandai theevu” – watch your steps while you climb over the stairs to reach the Skull Fort.

15. “Freedom from Diet” – come taste the big fat burger that a child gives you.

16. “Sudaathu Neruppu” – now don’t run seeing a fire breathing dragon.

17. “Naanum Rowdythaan” – come fight hands on with Alexander the Great!

18. “Game Changer” – what will you do if the important card that will change the game is in your


19. “No bloody seen” – Break the glass without injuring your hand, daring enough!

20. “Feel like a king or Queen” – A renaissance women waits for you with an emperor chair!

21. “The real bully fight” – You don’t have to be born in Spain to fight the bull, just come to click

art museum!

22. “A kick from the golden feet is worth a million” – get kicked by Bruce Lee.

23. “Strings Attached” – sometimes it’s okay to have strings attached, as long as it’s a fascinating


24. “Honey, shrink yourself” – have you ever imagined what if you rubbed a wrong grass and

became a Lilliput!

This is just a sample of what’s on offer. It’s truly a ‘Funderful Experience’!

Also one need not be afraid of rules here, there are no don’ts but only do’s. Things that are usually

discouraged in other museums are allowed at the ‘Click Art Museum’. Yes, you can take pictures at

your disposal, touch the exhibits, laugh aloud and even roll over the floor because it is irresistible!

This museum is rather the only art museum that offers fun in an artistic way!


 India’s first 3D interactive “Trick Art” museum.

 Participation of the observer is the key!

 Rise of sensory Illusions, stimulation of brain and lots of excitement.

 “Pleasure of being deceived” with 24 different types of TRICK ART.

 Can take Pictures, touch the exhibits, and laugh aloud and don’t forget to bring out the actor,

cinematographer or director in you.

Guided Tour:

The trip through the museum starts with a brief tour and explanation from a staff member. The tour

includes a brief overview of the Museum and the Trick Art Paintings and a quick tutorial regarding

how to position yourself and your camera for the maximum effect of the illusions. Tutorial videos will

also be played at major spots inside the museum and standees with instruction will be placed that will

prepare the ‘observer’ for the battle of ART WAR.

About the creator:

Click Art Museum is conceptualized and created by Ap. Shreethar who hails from  SIvagangai dist.

Shreethar is an artist, an enthusiastic explorer and an avid adventurer who does not believe in

sticking to a safe success formula but dares to delight in treading the path never taken. He has

excelled in various styles and media. He has been a pioneer in bringing giclee paintings, a form of

digital art to India and has mastered the medium.

He has the distinction of having conducted 62 shows of his painting including countries like

Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.  His path-breaking ideas and innovative techniques have fetched

him awards and recognition from far and wide. The artist’s collections are housed in leading galleries

in India and abroad. His art lives in the homes of many of India’s best loved celebrities ranging from

tabla maestro Zakir Hussain, Padmashree Kamal Haasan, Sachin Tendulkar to actor Amithabh

Bachan and his paintings are also displayed among many prominent corporate houses and IT parks

across the country.

Reaching For Newer Horizons

Ap. Shreethar is not content to rest on his laurels and pushes forward to newer horizons with his

characteristic vigour and enthusiasm. Watch out for his dream Projects that will feature his new

innovations in art. A quest that never ends.

Press meet

On Monday, 2nd of May, 2016

Evening: 3 pm followed by high tea

Inauguration: By Mr.R.PARTHIBAN – Actor & Director at 3:45pm


(India’s first trick art museum)

159, 5/108, East Coast Road, Injambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600115

(Inside VGP Snow Kingdom – 1 st Floor)

For further details kindly contact,

Mr.Kumerasan, PRO, on 9940042521.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

AP Shreethar – 9884035121


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