6th Annual Conference of JBSCON – 2016


IBSCON -2016


6th Annual Conference of  IBSCON-2016

Brachytherapy is a highly conformal radiotherapy procedure to treat localized malignant diseases (Cancer). This

procedure is in practice ever since radium was discovered in the year 1898 by Madame Curie. Since then, there is an

ocean level of change in the clinical application of it with innovative procedures and newer radioactive isotopes. With the

increased usage of brachytherapy, organ preservation is taking a bigger shape in treatment of cancer. The technological

developments have placed brachytherapy in a stronger position in terms of source design, dosimetry, treatment planning

and safety. To highlight the concept and applications of brachytherapy, Indian Brachytherapy Society (IBS) was formed

in January, 2005, in Chennai. One of its major objectives is to promote academic activities in brachytherapy by arranging

scientific meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences. In this continuation, the IBSCON 2016, the 6 th Annual

Conference of Indian Brachytherapy Society is to be organized by Dr. V. Srinivasan, Oncologist from Dr. Kamakshi

Memorial Hospital in collaboration with AROI (TN&PY) Chapter on August 27 th and 28 th , 2016, along with a pre-

conference workshop on August 26 th , 2016.

The theme of the conference, “Brachytherapy – An Immortal Art” is framed because many cancers can be cured

in early stages by this treatment and the mainstay for the cure of Carcinoma Cervix, which is a huge burden in India.

The preconference workshop was conducted at the Adyar Cancer Institute, inaugurated by Dr. V. Shanta,

Chairman of the Institute. The highlight of the workshop was the live demonstration of two brachytherapy procedures;

they are Carcinoma of base of tongue and Soft Tissue Sarcoma of the thigh, which are areas that can be cured with

brachytherapy. The workshop was focused mainly for the post graduate students as well as the younger Radiation

Oncologists and Medical Physicists to enlighten their knowledge in the field of brachytherapy.

The two day conference is continued in Hyatt Regency on August 27 th and 28 th , 2016. The conference is to be

inaugurated by Prof. M. Jagadeesan, former director of Barnard Institute of Radiology & Oncology, Madras Medical

College and also the founder member of IBS with Dr. T. G. Govindarajan, the chairman of Dr. KMH, attended by Dr. R.

L. Bhalavat, IBS President and Dr. Umesh Mahantshetty, IBS Secretary. The keynote address is to be delivered by a

renowned Professor, Richard Poetter from Vienna University. This conference has scientific sessions which include

paper and poster presentations in brachytherapy, attended by 300 delegates all over the country. The lectures are

delivered by eminent speakers from all over the nation and abroad, pioneering in the field of brachytherapy.

The conference provides an interactive platform for all the delegates across the country to exchange their ideas

and knowledge in the field of brachytherapy.


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