India’s First Crowdfunded Electric Bike


India’s First Crowdfunded Electric Bike – SPERO

India's First Crowdfunded Electric Bike

India’s First Crowdfunded ElectFirst round of crowd funding, The SPERO E-Bike as back, on populer demand. The SPERO E-Bike is ready to revolutionize the way we look at personal travel.Coimbatore based jute machinery technocrat S.Manikandan Launched the Spero – E-Bike a few months back on croundfunding platform. recived an amazing response.



S.Manikandan, the 38year old MBA, has been working on this project for more than 3 yearsand is launching his second crowdfunding campaign on fueldream, the Bengalore based crowdfundingplatform, which curates and presents unique ideas and innovations of this kind. The funders even have an option of booking the SPERO E-Bike through

Mr.Ram Prasad, The CMO of fueldreams says, we are thrilled to have partnered with Milltex to pull off something that seemed almost impossiable, at the start. Attempting to launch the higest priced product to ever be crowdfunded in India.

This cool, funny bike is setting the stage for continued innovation especially in the field of green technology. Manikandan understands and embrace the need for us to move towards a more enviornmentally conscious way of life.

The bike has 3 models.

E-30 – Has arange of 30kms on a single charge (available only on mens’s Model)

E-60 – Has a range of 60kms on a single charge (available in Men’s & Unisex models)

E-100 – has arange of 100kms on a single (available only in Men’s model)

Its is made a Judicious mix of locally sourced materials nd local ingenuity, & key imported components – the battery comes from Samsung, The motor & Tyres come from partners in Korea.

The pre – order prices for the 3 models on Fueldream would br from 29,000 INR to 50,000 INR which would be 40% lower than their market price.

Speed – 25 kms max

Acceleration -0-25 kmph in 10 secs.

Gears – comes with 5 sped digital gears in the electric modes.

Battery – 48V Li-ion battery with one year warrenty and battery charges from 20% t0 80% within 6 hrs.

Weight – All bikes within 25kg to 26 kgs (with Battery).

Password protection.

Available with Headlights

No driving Licence required.

No insurance required.



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