Mudinja Ivana Pudi Movie Review


Mudinja Ivana Pudi  Movie Review

Mudinja Ivana Pudi  Movie Review

Mudinja Ivana Pudi Movie Review


Sudeep joins with Director K.S.Ravikumar in double version film, taken in Kannada and Tamil.. The subject how a Police team was unable to trace a  Black money looter Shiva who loots crores of black  money to  fullfill his father’s ambition.The story opens the secret of doing double role to audience and suspence to all the other the characters. Police tries to find hard to catch the Shiva. Nithya Menen plays a strong, but seen-a-lot kind of female lead and she does it very well. Sai Ravi, who plays a dirty cop is another great strength for the film. Nasser, Mukesh Tiwari, Sarath Lohitashwa, Satish and Prakash Raj support the film well. Sathya and Shiva plays by Sudeep one as innocent working in a realestate and another who loots black money from the rich people. Why Sathya plays as Shiva is the subject that happy wheels told in love mixed with high drama. The flashback will be burst out to clarifies to hiis lover Nithya Menon.(  Sathya who brought by his father in his childhood as born in a silver spoon even in his hod time. One day he comes to known that his father struggles to keep his dignity and tells his father that i have only you not the money, later he creat an character as Shiva to save his son who was in trouble in a play ground. Father Prakash raj takes a pledge with him that he should not call him as dad, due to unable to feed him and joins his son in orphan to get food and education.) Movie makes to see a movie with little comedy by Sathish and Imman Annachi.  Camera work by RajaRathinam  are good and picturesque.

K.S.Ravikumar makes MIP in his way of story  telling with good screenplay and comedy added. MIP can watch with Family. Kicha Sudeep acting is highly appreciateable with balanced perform in both as Sathya & Shiva.


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