Press Meet of “WAGAH” held 2day @ Prasad Lab @ 3.00pm


Vikram Prabh’s Latest  Movie  “WAGAH”  Press Meet  held 2day 2/8/16 @ Prasad Lab by  3.00pm

Press Meet of  "WAGHA" held 2day @ Prasad Lab @ 3.00pm

Press Meet of “WAGHA” held 2day @ Prasad Lab @ 3.00pm














Director ,GNR .Kumaravel  of Wagah film said that after his previous success movie Haridas, I,took three years to take a film due to the success of it. I, had a great responsiale to select a script. I had consumed a script of army back round and it ended as a in BSF backdrop. This film is a romantic, Thriller and stunt mixed film. Director explained that army comes when there is a war, but BSF will be round the clock in the border to our Country, There may not be as duty time they may has to be in the wwwwwork even for two day are more. This was the anwer for a question by one among press people asked about hero having beared in the film that army people will have to be trimed their hair and should be with shaved face..  He said why the hero has a beard will be justified in the movie.

Vikram Prabhu said that Director came to me and said the subject I said ok and i was eager for the shooting. This picture taken in Kashmir after Roja. I, have close family friends in army and they helped more for the shooting to take place. Imam has given us good song and the backround score also helped this movie and taken it to agreat level.

Prabhu said that I, Have worked with the director Kumaravel’s father G.N.Rangaraj and worked with Kumaravel also and I, Wish the team a great succcess.

Actress Ranya Rao, said after a kannada film i accepted the movie, This movie came very well,

Producer said that after screning the film for Cosmo Sivakumar he purchased the rights of Distribution  for entire TamilNadu. The director said that he need 75days for completing the film, but he finished the film in 69days itself.

Cosmo Ravi said after my latest releas Metro, I, came to know about the film and I, asked the producer for the show as soon as i came from the theatre i told that i need the film. I say that This fiolm will be giving more name to to Vikram and i say that this film will be a hit in my list.


















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