Raymond Launches “LOOK GOOD, DO GOOD”


Raymond Launches  “LOOK GOOD,  DO GOOD”

Raymond Launches  "LOOK GOOD,  DO GOOD"

Raymond Launches “LOOK GOOD, DO GOOD”

Raymond Launches  “LOOK GOOD,  DO GOOD”   Initiative.

” Offers Free Tailoring in exchange of old trousers to its customers ”

* A unique social inititaive in association with Goonj aimed at giving aimed at giving back to the society.

* Customers can select from a wide range of fabrics & avail free tailoring in exchange of old trousers.

* Offers valid from 6th August to 28th August ,2016 across India.

* Redeemable mobile-vouchers  for every customer with custom tailoring at over 1000 stores across 380    + towns.


Chennai, 8th August: Raymond – The leading manufacture, marketer and retailer of worst suiting fabrics over the last nine decades, today announced the launch of a unique Trouser Exchange Programm – “Look Good Do Good” in association with Goonj.

This one of its kind, socisl initstive begining from8th August 2016  will offer free custom tailoring services on new pair of trousers in exchange of old trousers. While this Trousers Exchange Program offers every customer a chance to give away theuir old trousers crafted from Raaymond Fine Fabrics.

Speaking at the launch, Mr.Mohit Dhanjal, Director – Retail, Raymond said ,”Raymond is aan iconic brand that has earned the trust and respect of its consu,ers over the last nine decades. Though this initiative of Look Good Do Good we would like to partner with our customer in an effotr to give back to the society. By associating with this program, consumers can experince the perfect fit that can only be found in tailoring trousers helping them not only good but also feel good in true sense. Given our expansive presence across 380 + cities in the country, This initiative will enable everyone to contirbute to the cause.

Raymond will accept full length aduld trousers of any kind, any brand that is in wearable condition, consumers will have a choice to choose from over 1000 options of fabric options to choose from for a brand new pair of tailored trousers. Commenting of this initiative Anush Gupta, Founder – Goonj said: “For Goonj what matters is Dignity, Somewhere in the last few years we have able to change the charitablesubjet- object i.e, old material into a powerful currency or reward. Under our nationwide initiative ‘Cloth for work’ people take up community initiativ for their own villages, right from digging well to making roads and then receive the material with dignity, Every single unit we collect is like a parallel currency for develpoment work for us. Goonj is certainly happy to associate with Raymond on this thoughtful campaign on trousers as this certainly abig gap area in the urban giving.

About GOONJ.

Goonj (means an echo ) a multi award winning social enterprise, using the city’s discard for fueling wide spread develpoment work across village India. While dealing with more than 3000 tons of material annually, Goonj reaches this material as a resourse, as a parallel currency with dignity to the riral communities as they take up large scale development work like recharing water bodies, rebuilding local infratructure,education, for addresing their own issues. Goonj’s work has also led to the systematic changes in the disaster relief & rehabilitation work’ while it has also opened up the most taboo issue of menstrual hygiene and providing clean cotton cloth as a viable solution, for details , please refer – www.goonj.org or write to us on mail@goonj.org.








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