Sasikumar’s “KIDARI” Movie review


Sasikumar’s  “KIDARI” Movie review

Sasikumar's  "KIDARI" Movie review

Sasikumar’s “KIDARI” Movie review



Kidari is Directed by debuted Director Prasanth Murugesan with a powerful script and the title which gives an expectation. Komban the man who has lot of enemies, the film starts fith that Komban was stabed, in the first scene and who done it was the movie script. Vela Ramamurthy the perfect choice for the character has done excellently. The Kidari has played by the Sasikumar with lot of fight and love and centiments.

The music director has given an impact on RR and the songs are too good. The camera and the location are well selected. All the characters are lived in that charcaters, Sasikumar good performance throught the movie. The movie has twist and turns which gives a new scenes to the story. The Love between Sasi and Nikiha are made well. There are lot of villians like Pulikuty Pandian, Market Singaram, or Mrs & Mr Loganayagi who wnts to take revenge because of they lost their child,  or Mappilai Vinayagam a politician, who tells Komban son to take the Seat of his father.All wants to take revenge, but who tried to kill Komban and how Kidari finds the man is the main plot. Kidari played s adopted son to Komban and became more powerful than Komban son.

The mother centiments who Komban have much affection with his mother and Sister in law and love with Nikhila are made neatly. The stunt are well composed by the stunt master. Totaly the movie has a village flavour. The movie is well received and running packed in theaters.


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