Movie Review of ” Ayirathil Iruvar “


Movie Review of ” Ayirathil Iruvar ”



CAST: Vinay, Samuthrika, Swasthika, Kesha Khambhati, Pradeep Rawat, Rithika Srinivas, Kajal Pasupathi, Arul Doss, Daniel Annie Pope, Mayilsamy.   DIRECTION: Saran,  GENRE: Drama.
Twin brothers who have been cat-and-mouse right from inside their mother’s womb get separated when they are young. They were brought up in different states and each wants their property to have alone. A romantic-action flick it is directed by Saran. Music is by Bharathwaj. Senthattikaalai and Sevathakaalai (Vinay), who are constantly at loggerheads and hate each other to the core. Next, there is the conflict between their father, Lingaraja and their relative Kotaisamy, (and his family), over their ancestral property, which shows no sign of ending. The death of the latter only adds fuel to it.

There is also a subplot involving Arundhati (Kajal Pasupathi), a politician’s mistress, and his benami Beemaraju (Pradeep Rawat), who has ‘saved’ the account number of his master’s in  Swiss bank account as a tattoo on his daughter, Bhumika’s (Swasthika) body. Then there is Mandhiramoorthy (Arul Doss), a faux-gangster, who happy wheels is after Senthatti because the latter has labelled his now-dead father a thief. And another subplot deals with Neelaveni, the wife of the slain Kotaisamy, who is planning to get her revenge by marrying her to his  brother Inspector Thilak Prabhu to Senthatti’s lover Adhirshtamalar (Samuthrika).

Both switching places, and a climactic episode that is all about the confusion resulting because of mistaken identities. Saran is no stranger to masala movies, having delivered hits like Gemini and Attagasam. Here, he takes up a plot that is a little similar to the latter, and goes all-out to make the film entertaining, but with actors who hardly have charm, it becomes difficult for us to bother with the convoluted plot lines.

Urmila Naidu, a hawala operator for whom Sevathakaalai works as a conduit, who proudly keeps saying, “I’m a hacker; I’m a hooker”There is an team comedy with villian group makes us to laughs, especially the Arul Doss portions, does work, The climax makes the movie to enjoyable,  Both the daughter in laws fight with the twins mother makes us to feel like serials.

 ***  request all to watch the movie in  ” Theaters only  ”   Thank U ***

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