Movie Review of ” Bhayama Irukku “


Movie Review of ” Bhayama Irukku ”


Movie Review of ” Bhayama Irukku ”



CAST:Santhosh Prathap, Reshmi Menon, Rajendran, Jagan, Lollu Sabha Jeeva, Bharani, Kovai Sarala
DIRECTION: P Jawahar. GENRE: Comedy plus  Horror.

Bayama Irukku is about four buddies (Jagan, ‘Naan Kadavul’ Rajendran, Bharani and Jeeva) who try to save their friend (Santhosh Prathap) from his wife who is a ghost (Reshmi Menon). The interesting twist here is that husband believes that his wife is still alive. But his friends says that his wife is ghost.

Jai (Santhosh) rescuing Ajith (Rajendran), Shiva (Jeeva), Mani (Jagan) and Raj (Bharani) from the Sri Lankan military and bringing them safely to India. We are told that Jai was in the island nation searching for his in-laws and had left his pregnant wife, Lekha (Reshmi) to look for them. He takes them to his house, that happy wheels exists in the middle of a water body. They are welcomed by the Lekha, who has now delivered a male child. However, eerie happenings in the place convince the friends that Lekha is long dead, and it is her ghost that they are interacting with. They try to warn Jai and save him, but will it be too late for that?

Bayama Irukku is best for horror and laughs. Rajendran and his team makes audiences laugh.
we have Kovai Sarala as Devil Devika, who is brought in to tame the ghost. And the incidents that happen are almost similar to what happens in that film. Even a great possibility, involving the friends getting trapped in a scare house at a fair, isn’t exploited enough. Most of the time, we smile because we have nothing much to do. the romance in the film is missing, and the actors are quite bland to suggest that what they share is eternal love. Music by Sathya and CG works makes the movie so perfect.


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