Movie Review of ” Pichuva Kathi “


Movie Review of ” Pichuva Kathi ”



Movie Review of ” Pichuva Kathi ”

Pichuva kaththi is by debutant Iyyappan and produced by Mathaiyan that has Inigo Prabhakaran in the lead role.   Ramesh Thilak  and Yogi Babu  give him good company to Inigo. The movie starts with cricket match folowed by the love proposed by heroine Sri Priyanka, Yogi and Ramesh Thilak ask treat for his love success, Yogi asks some more liquor, There  the story  moves , Inigo and Ramesh Thilak  robes a sheep to sell it to buy liquor for Yogi, but they caught and the village people hand over them to police. The kumbakonam Court gives punishment with Rs 1500 as fine and ask them to put sign for 30days in police station. The cunning SI takes them in his hand and makes them to do more wrong things, and ask them to give each Rs10,000 as bribe to live them, To pay bribe Inigo , Ramesh Thilak and Yogi plans to  make money , so they decide to chain snatching, They begin to snatch chain happy wheels with second heroine, even there they caught with public and again they seems to go to the same station were the SI takes place. when they again commits mistakes makes SI to use them thoroughly for doing smuggling with big shot, what happens to them? is the story line. There are two heroines  Anisha Xavier and SriPriyanka. Kali Venkat and Bala Saravanan are supportive to the characters of Second Hero &  second Heroine. Yaar Kannan appears as Anisha’s father.

Senguttuvan as debut as Second hero gives a good performs throught, he proves to be a good comer in film industry, his acting is so natural and director gave him acting scope scenes to prove his talent. The climaxe has a perfect ending.

Cinematography by KG Venkatesh is OK while Music by N.Raghunathan gives beautiful songs and best RR,. Editing is better,  Dialogue are good support to the movie. Director Ayyapan who was assistant to Sunder C proves and  made the movie to come out  without boring. Yogi Babu punch and timely dialogue are plus for the movie.

 *** ***  request all to watch the movie in ”  Theaters Only ”   Thank U All.

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