Review of ” Theru Naaighal “


Review of ” Theru Naaighal ”


Team of friends who works together kidnap a  MLA for the purpose of killing their Boss, who runs a sweet shop and takes care of them, The MLA  has a  crooked plan to Kill the business man,  to occupy the land who never wants to sell his part, He plans to land for  implementing a dangerous chemical factory  for want of money,  The movie mixed with revenge  with good message is main plot

Theru Naaigal spark to be an intriguing vigilante thriller. The Producer Sunil Kumar comes as sate with a fight scene for him, He does a good job in the film. Imman Annachi ,Sunil Kumar,Mime Gopi, Madhusudhana Rao, and Appukutty are justified their character.


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