” JULIE 2 “movie review


” JULIE. 2 “movie review.


” JULIE. 2″movie review.

A story of an actress how she has to face and to sacrifice in the film industry to become a star  is the plot of the film. Ral Lakshmi debut in Bollywood for Julie. Her performance proved that she is an good artist. The story tells to become an star she has to share with bed with Producer, Financiers and Politicians .  She feels that people needs her flesh but not the love & affection.Rathiangihothri plays as care taker to Julie who does not know who is her father.When she was in peak she goes to inagurate a Jewllery shop were she has been shooted and got bullet in her body, Why, who and what for is the subject.The director Deepak S Shivdasani has taken the movie into murder mystery & thriller than an glomour movie. 


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