Movie review of ” INDRAJITH “.


Movie review of ” INDRAJITH “.



Movie review of. ” INDRAJITH “.

Indrajith film produced by Kalai Puli S.Dhanu, Directed by Kalaaprabhu, Starring Goutham Karthik is a adventurous film taken in Arunachala Pradesh dense forest with superb location and good camera and pituresque. The main plot of the movie is for searching for a precious stone which has a unique power to cure medicaly. 

The searching for the stone by Mayilvahanam a former happy wheels director of Archaeological survey of India and Kapil Sharma who is present director of ASI.

Myilvahanam ancestors have got idea regarding the stone and the path. Mayil takes Indrajith with him to find the path to find the stone. What happens and how Indrajith finds the stone is the screenplay. All the character are given their best performance. Visuals, CG. Stunt and Music are good. Gautham Karthik’s cute acting adds beauty for the movie.The only thing is  there is no much importance to female character. 








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