Veeraiyan movie review


Veeraiyan movie review.

 A labour who wants his son to study well and he tell that only education make a man other wise u will be like a labour. Veeraiyan dreams of his son, but his son education discontinued due to the help he made for his schoolmate. The three member gang who lives without knowing what they are and does small roberries. Vasanth education was broken by them in a suitiuvation. Now they promise to give him education by joing him in tutorial. A small love scence for Indio. When the result comes Veeraiyan goes to School to know the result of his son. He cames to know that he has taken TC by bringing his father,Veeraiyan gets shock, the principal ask Veeraiyan who are u. He says that that boy is neibhour. Later Veeraiyan gets district first and he was not highlighted because he passed through tutorial. Veeraiyan was happy and comes to that who he thought the three members are waste in life, they gave education to his son. He names the Indigo as Veeraiyan. The Veeraiyan character and acting by Naren is extrodinary. Vela Ramurthy as father of heroine comes as usual. Kayal Vincent,  Prathusha, Vasanthand Shiny acted well. The movie has taken that any one can watch the movie with family.Director Fareed gives a message that education is life. Music is ok.


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