Goko Mako Pooja


Goko Mako Pooja .


Goko Mako Pooja Stills and Find below Cast Crew Details.
Goko Mako

Cast : 
Hero : Ramkumar (Sarathkumar’s Nephew already acted as hero in the film Indha Nilai Maarum which is releasing in March)
Heroine : Dhanusha (Debut)
Other Important Cast :
Chaams, YG Mahendra, Santhana Bharathy, Delhi Ganesh, Pandu and more.

Production : Roof
Direction, Music, Sound & Color : Arun Kanth
Producers : Giri & Arunkanth
Cinematographer : Sukumaran Sundar
Editor & VFX : Vinoth Sridhar
Graphic Designs : Gopinath
Thanks & Regards,
Nikkil & Team

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