Pad Man Movie Preview Show held @ Sathyam Cinemas for differently Able and School Girls


Pad Man Movie preview   ”  WOHMAN  ”




 Lakshmikanth wants to keep her wife in a hygienic way during menstrual days, so he buy sanitary napkin for her which cost nearly 55 rupees.his wife Gayathri tells him that the cloth is enough ,and ask him to return the napkin and ask him to buy curd and milk for house use. So he research what it contains in the napkin pad and try to find why it is so costly, He starts of his own which cost only Rs2. He request his wife to use and he tells her to give feed back.She tells that nothing special and still her saree gets stained , again he tries, But his wife gets angry that why he is keen in women menstrual problem, he ask his sister  and even she gets upset, He tries with medical college students were we gets bad name in the area which makes their family to get separation, He leaves the house and tries to produce the napkin for cheeper price. What happens for is innovation is the rest of the film. Akshay as Lakshmikanth lived in the character, Radhika so well acted. Camera Locations are very good, and Special congrats for the dialogue writer specially the speech in New York.

Rating *****.

Release date 9th Feb 2018. Producer – Twinkle Kanna, Director  – R.Balki, Music Director – Amith Trivedi.

Production Companies – Columbia Pictures, Hope Productions.


1}    Aaj Se Teri (Padman)  Arijit Singh  5:12
2}   The Pad Man Song (Padman)  Mika Singh  3:23
3}   Hu Ba Hu (Padman)  Amit Trivedi   3:37.
 According to a recent report  the Akshay starrer film has collected Rs 5.75 crore on the fourth day at the box-office, taking its overall collection to Rs 45.25 crore. 


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