Cook Gramam Inauguration by Bharathiraaja


Cook Gramam Inauguration by Bharathiraaja


Cook Gramam

An Organic Dining Experience in Anna Nagar

Cook Gramam is a culinary journey into the food styles & delicacies of south Indian villages. A restaurant
that has its roots with G Organics, the Organic store chain in Chennai. G Organics sources and sells Food
& health supplies that are pure organic.
An obvious offshoot & extension was to bring to life the food ingredients from G Organics on to the
plate. Ergo- Cook Gramam. Pun intended as the name goes it's a culmination of COOK & Gramam
(Village in Tamil). Also the word Cookgramam singularly in Tamil means "Small Village". Traditional food
that has its roots & origins from the remote parts of the southern states are part of the menu.
Cook Gramam is situated in the G Organics compound in 13th Main Road, Anna Nagar (w). The
neighbourhood is already aware of the store currently and the flock of patrons look eagerly forward to
the restaurant. The restaurant has a capacity of 80 pax with indoor as well as al fresco dining option. The
rooftop, the garden seating & the indoor areas are designed much differently, however. The style and
items of decor are crafted from priceless junk. You would find old scooter parts, metal discards, antique
wooden pieces, beer bottles, telephone boxes, etc. The list being endless.
P K Senthil Kumar & Devi Umapathy – Chennai's Organic Couple are the brain behind both G Organics &
Cook Gramam. The restaurant has taken almost a year to be born owing to huge amounts of research
into culinary secrets & recipes from nooks of the states. Cook Gramam boasts of Chef Nalla Soru
Rajamurugan at the helm dishing out delicacies to one's delight.
All the dishes are not only exotic sounding but also great in taste and blissful in the health quotient. The
food is rich, moderately and most of all, Organic. Cook Gramam is open from 7 am to 11 pm serving
Breakfast, Lunch, Tiffin & Dinner. Cook Gramam is beyond a themed restaurant; it's a lifestyle on its
Come over to explore the variety and flavours of the regions. Come over for an all new organic
traditional experience.


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