Director Karthik Subbaraj ‘s ” Mercury ” Movie Review


Director Karthik Subbaraj ‘s ” Mercury ” Movie Review.


Mercury is first non dialogue thriller movie, Which is an innovative by director , He depends on RR & Camera which as given a good balance to the non talky movie. A group of five youngsters are celebrating an occasion that holds special significance for them. It’s an anniversary of the closure of a company called Corporate Earth, which was responsible for poisoning several people in a village with mercury. PrabhuDeva lived happily with his wife Ramya Nambisen. But the fate turns Parabhudeva dies in an accident made by the friends. as the friends  takes drink and goes for  a joyride, they meet with an unfortunate accident that changes their lives.what happens after the death of Prabhudeva is a story. All the chatecters are good and acted very well. Prabhudeva ‘s good performance is added to the movie. Director made a love, friendship mixed Thriller movie. 


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