” DIYA ” Movie Review


” DIYA ” Movie Release 2morrow 27th April.



Director Vijay takes a new concept with abortion in mind. Diya is revenge subject with  different concept were a aborted child takes revenge, Thulai and Krishna are deep friends at last Thulasi gets pregnant. The parents after  clash between them they decide to do marriage. They want both of them to settle their life after finishing their education, so both the parents takes a decision to do abortion.  Thulasi try to avoid but not. Thulasi & Krishna gets married after 5 years. Thulasi feels a lot and thinks that if her child was delivered it will be nearly 4 years and draw a figure on her imagination. Thulasi keeps a name as Diya to her image of the child. The image  is similar  to the child sits in front of her as ghost.  Now the ghost child follows her mother and takes revenge of all who are all related to do abortion, After all murders Thulasi comes to know the fact that her Diya is  taking revene. Now she wants to save her husband. The story is nicely take with a good screenplay, The camera work, the location, the Music all well blended. Baby Veronika as Diya done well. Hero new comer Nag done a neat job , Sai Pallavi’s acting is so natural. A good movie to watch by all.


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