Sasikumar’s ” Asuravadam ” movie review


Sasikumar’s ” Asuravadham ” movie review.

The movie starts with missed call for many times with same number to a shop owner, when he takes the call he recives a threat to him. He gets frightens moments by moments. This is the way the first half goes, what happens the hero to make the villian to get frighten is the second half.

The first half is taken like a ghost effects film mixed with thrilling, The second half with good fight sequence. Sasikumar lived in the character, Villian acted very well, The music made more thriller to the subject. A movie with less dialouge and more to screenplay and to RR.

The movie with a needy social message. Till end the villian does not what far Sasikumar follow the villian to take revenge. The Director prevailes to the audience what far and keeps suspence to villian.

A good and different screenplay, music, location and camera.

A movie to clap.


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