” Chandramouli ” movie review


Movie review of Chandramouli.


The movie starts in hospital with Gowtham, the story with a flash back. Goutham is a boxer lives happily with is father Chanramouli.

Goutham gets sponscer for match with Go Cab MD for boxing tournament. Go cab MD wants to get trouphy because, his rival Cabs Company gets it for 7th subsequently.

Go cab gets bad name because of their drivers misbehavior with passenger, so he gets upset and not in a mood to help him.But his rival Cabs MD sponscers him. Chandramouli loves his favorite car Padmini, Mean time Chandramouli and Goutham goes for a drive at midnight in his loveable Pamini car. Where they met with accident and  Chandramouli dies. Gowtham after the discharge from hospital he comes to know that it is not an accident it is planned to kill his father. Gowtham takes revenge with help from his friend and lover.

Who killed and why they killed is the story. A suspence film. Director’s good script with father and son affection, business ego and revenge and a love in it. A good movie to watch.


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