” Junga ” Review


” Junga ” Review.


Getting back the property is the subject of Junga.

Junga movie starts as Junga as a bus  conductor who pick up his lover from his house, there a group of people tease her so Junga fights for his lover, This fight make Junga mother to feel bad and tell the flash back that his father and grand father are Don and they lost all properties including the Cinema Paradise theater which given by to her. Now Junga takes as a challenge to get back the theater is the plot of the story. Watch the movie to know who the property was taken back by Junga, The movie is filled with comedy, Love & fight.

Vijaysethupathy  does more fight in the movie , Yogibabu , Saranya and the grandmother has done a good job, camera in the outdoor location was colourful, music is cathy. 

The movie is a good entertaining can watch with family, No vulgar either in dialogue or scene. 


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