Echarikkai movie review.


Echarikkai movie review.


Echarikkai a movie about kidnaping for money. David is maternal uncle of Thomas. David murderd his brother in law because he mudered his wife sister of David in teenage and goes to jail. He mets Thomas meets his sister son after releasing from jail. Both planned to kidnap for money to settle in life. They kidnap a business man’s daughter and demands money. The duilder takes help from Natraj a retired police officer to trace his daughter. First Natraj refuse because he has to take care of his daughter who is 8years and in treatment, Atlast he accepts to find the kidnapper who kidnaped  daughter of Perumal a builder. What happen, is the subject. Sathyaraj played as Natraj retired IPS, hero new comer acted well.

The director takes a kidnap subject and makes a good screenplay. Camera work is so neat. Music is OK.



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