” U — Turn ” movie review


” U- Turn ” movie review.

The uturn is a suspence movie a remake of kannada film with same title.

Ratchana a reporter wants to find the death behind who ever takes u turn in bridge. Sundarm dies in his flat, police catch Ratchana to police station, and make her that she should be a culprit because,  she is the person who visited Sundaram flat recently before he dies. 

She tells the police that she as collected the details who are all taken u turn in the bridge. Nayak feels after introcation that she was not a accused and makes het  to let out.

To find whats happing to the people,  All who takes u turn dies onebyone. To known whats happing she himself takes u turn in the same bridge to find the truth behind this is the plot.

Samantha as Ratchana makes good perform. Adhi as police did neatly. The movie has interesting scene. Adukalam Narain & Narin well suits the character.

The suspence makes us to sit.

Camera, Music are fine. A good movie to watch.



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