Vushnu Vishal’s ” Ratchasan ” movie review


Vishnu Vishal & Amalapaul in Ramkunar directorial movie ” Ratchasan ” .Movie review.

A murder mystery movie, Ratchasan was well taken with a good screenplay.

Vishnu a police takes a murder case to find the murder. Lady  police officer in the station discourage him in the investigation. But he tells the lady officer that he is serial murder and we need to take much care to find the murderer. He takes the case to find out the murder who murders specialy school going girl childrens.

Vishnu meets Amalapaul who is the teacher in a school were his sister daughter studies. One day Amalapaul looks an auto, taking his school girl who has murderd in the next day. Vishnu takes tips from Amalapaul to trace the culprit. The accused kidnapped his sister daughter and killed her. How Vishal trace to find the accused is the plotKali Venkat as assistant to Vishnu. Munishkath comes as brother in law acts perfectly. Radharavi & Karunas comes as special appearance.

Vishnu has done a good job as a young police to find the culprit. Amalapaul plays as wellwisher to Vishnu who gives clue in the case. A male teacher takes advantage towards  the girl students who takes  low mark to make them to cooperative in sex to put them pass. This make us to look that he make be a killer.Now the  killer kidnaps Amalapul sister child who is living with her. The killer kidnap the child because,  she hepls Vishnu in the case.  lady police makes Vishu as an accused and makes him to stay in police station for a murder of Radharavi. Now how he escape from station to find the killer is the climax.

The plot has twist and turns in the climax. RR makes us to involve in the scene. Camera work is very nice. The length of the movie is 2hrs.32 minutes.

A good movie with motivating girl childrens.



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