” Nakul ” request to Save small budject films


Nakul speach about small budject films on Sei press meet held on 10/11/18 by 3.00pm @ Prasad lab.



Nakul said our movie Sei was ready by March itself. But due date for release we were made to release on 16th November.Even now one big  movie which as to come in Depawali has coming along small movie, they dont have letter from council for their movie to release on 16th, but they are giving publicity that they too coming on 16th, how it possible a movie which doesn’ t have proper letter to release on 16th. But they are giving publicity also. If it goes like this then why the council and letters. Producer may release on their own date. Till now Vishal is talking for us in coucil. Pls allow small budject film for this 16th.

When a new producers & director have to face a problem on release in our tamil industriy, they may fedup in producing tamil movies. If dates may change like this,we could not be able to release by this year also. So try to understand and make  neccessary steps to release small movies in proper time without competating with  big budget films. We had 150 screens, but just now i recived that we have only 50 to 60 theaters. We got upset, how our dreams will be fulfilled. The movie Sai has what a movie needs to fulfil audience. Romance, fight, comedy and semtiments, we look forward to release for our movie to release on 16th november. 


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