” Sarkar ” Movie review


” Sarkar ” movie review.

Sarkar a movie a good treat for Diwali. Direcor ARM has taken a online story on his own style of story telling.Sunder Ceo of Gl company comes to India for putting to his vote.Unfortunaly his vote has been polled by some. Sunder stops the counting, and says only after my polling the counting should go on. So what steps Sunder takes is the subject. 

The movie has given information about election how to put your vote.The screenplay makes every one to be alert for future election, Sunder says  if we ask question to the politicions, they cannot reply, They know that no one will face them directly, if we start facing them they should know what will happen. The movie encourages all,  till end,with lot of politicall challenges. Punch dialouge, and motivating the youths are mainily taken by director. Vijay acting so natural and he involved more in the subject.

Especialy fights are composed very differently with stylishly. Songs & RR so lovely. Keerthy Suresh does have much heavy scene.Camera work is neat. Totaly the movie has all kind of crackers..



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