Movie review of ” Seethakhadhi “


Sithakadhi movie review.



Ayya Adhimoolam a stage drama artist in 1950’s lived with passion in stage. For him stage is world, He dies in the stage while acting.His soul continues to act with others body from his troup. Meanwhile a charcter Rajkumar who is also a member in the troup acts extrodinary, Mouli the drama troup organiser conducts a drama after Ayya death, He saw Rajkumar’s performance  is better than ever and tells other that Ayya soul entere the body. Film Director watches the performance of Rajkumar and makes him as hero. Ayya who refused to act in cinema enters the body of Rajkumar and makes his performance. The movie becomes a hit, Mouli accepts the movie of good script to make Ayya soul to act in cinemas.When Rajkumar says that his popularty is due to my own not because of Ayya. Immetialy the Ayya soul comes out from the body of Hero Rajkumar and happy wheels he could not act well. So he feel sorry. Another peoducer and actor also gets date of Ayya soul and acts,suddenly gives a statement to Mouli that he himself is acting but not because of Ayya soul. Now Ayya soul seprates from body of Priducer cum actor he could not able to perform well. He regretts for speaking like that,but Ayya soul never comes out of him. The huge fans of Ayya gets angry, they say only because of Sunil the soul left the world,the fans damage the house of producer cum hero.Now producer file case on Ayya family that the soul left from his body and he could not act. What happens to the producer, 

This story may be new type of screenplay with soul which enters to the body who loves to act. Rajkumar,Buds ,Sunil & Director character acted well.

Sethupathy as Ayya does well,Archana & Mouli supports the story. The shooting scences gives comedy. Director makes the story in different style. We can see the .movie for new thaught.

Rating : 3/5.


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