Movie review of Yash’s ” KGF “


KGF movie review.


Yash the perfect selection by the director for the character in movie KGF. The movie release in Kannada, Tamil,Telugu & Hindi world wide and actor Vishal release the Tamil version on his banner VFF.

Rocky who brought up by her mother says that u should be rich and powerful man. Rocky walks in the street of Bombay in early days. His story is been told by a journalist in a TV Channal about Rocky. The costly film taken in Kannada. The movie has taken in grand manner whith lot of artist.

The first half we can see a fashionable Rock happy wheels and a man in dare to face anything. He was admired by the daughter of the richest and powerfulman in society.

The second half is were he works as a labour in KGF, which shows how the workers are been treated badly.His mothers motivating  dialouge like dont go in group, go in single so that others should follow u that ur there for them. He fights for the workers who works as labours for so many years in KGF. The movie has a lot of things to say,The camera work, Art directors work,Music, locatation, editing and stunts all department and cast are well selected by the director.The way of picturisation is simple superb. 

Hats off to Yash for his performence as Rocky.

Rating: 4/5


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