Shankar’s ” 2.0 ” movie review


Lyca’s ” 2.0 ” movie review.

2.0 movie most expected movie and high budject movie taken in India. Director has taken a small message to convey in a big way. Mobiles flys from their hand from all the consumer to the air, why its happeing, for what, by whom is the subject. Every one goes to complaint to the police, High oficials, Minister, Corporate try to find solution.they approach Vasigaran for help to tackle the Pattichiraja with Chitti. This way the movie moves. Who is pattchi why he is doing like this for what. 

2.0 is a fantastic movie taken with leading techicians. The CG work was at par. Rajinikanth appears with three characters where he proved his acting with is own style. Aksyakumar to has acted well, Amy comes as assistant to Vasigaran gives a small romance.

The 3D movie 2.0 has given a super quality and worth watching with glass.A movie seems like watchig a foreign movie with huge expence and with high quality. Director proves as a excellent imaginary person to bring out such a valuable moive. Art department has done a fabulous job throught the movie.

Camera & Sound effects are back bone to the movie which adds more effective.

2.0 . ( 2 ) Shankar & Rajini ( 0 ) percent. nonboreing. Rating 4.


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