Pretty much any movie can be based on a true story, but there are a select few that take real-life events and turn them into cinematic masterpieces.


Here comes ‘Theendathey’, a short film based on a true story that happened in a hamlet near Cumbum in Theni district. Since the story happened in 80s, people from Cumbum walked all the way to Idukki for working in the Cardamom estates for their livelihood. One important thing to be noted here is both the director of ‘Theendathey’, Raja Pandian and the producer and the wife of the director Kalpana Raja Pandian are also involved in Cardamom cultivation.
The story starts with a grandmother talking to her daughter Bharathi who decides to take her school-going girl Kannamma to the Cardamom estate area since it was holiday. While on the way to the estate, both the lead characters Bharathi and Kannamma met one speech impaired antagonist Shiva. At the night both of them arguing about a small bell which is to be tied around the waist of Kannamma.
Kannamma said that everyone would mock her. Bharathi told Kannamma that small bell was to find her if she misses out. In the next morning Bharathi left for work. Kannamma plays hide and seek game with her friends. While playing Kannamma wants to hide inside a big wooden box which is airtight for which she seeks help from Shiva to get inside it. When one of her friends asked about her whereabouts, the Shiva chases her friend away. Kannamma who struggled for breathing screams for help but in vain.
After sometime the speech impaired came to the room where the wooden box is kept and opened it. Shiva took Kannamma who is unconscious out from the wooden box. Making the circumstances favourable to his will, Shiva rapes the minor girl who died instantaneously. Then Shiva threw the body of the girl into the chimney. After reaching the home, Bharathi along with Shiva searched for Kannamma but couldn’t find.
Bharathi who could not know what to do laid down on the floor and started crying. Suddenly she found the small bell which was tied around the waist of Kannamma. Bharathi enquired Shiva about Kannamma. Finally Shiva expressed all that happened to Kannnamma. And Bharathi ferociously killed Shiva and walked out of the room to the street…
The camera is to film as the brush and canvas is to art. Right from the scene one, the cinematographer Vaishaly Subramanian who is the president of the South Indian Film Women’s Association (SIFWA) influences the narrative significance of the scenes through her camera angles. Particularly the low-angle shots make the subject appear bigger and more dominant. And more importantly, Vaishaly makes everyone feel like that they are also part of the short film. Vaishaly gained experiences from Fowzia Fathima who was the associate to the legendary cinematographer P.C.Sreeram and also worked with renowned Cinematographer R.D.Rajasekhar. Music is composed by Rasanth Aravind and edited by S.Nagarajan. An advocate by profession Jhansi from Theni worked as an assistant director. ‘Theendathey’ is produced by Kalpana Raja Pandian under the banner Kalpana Kanavu Pattarai.




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