Audio release of ” Thadam ” 2day 6/2/19.


Audio release of ” Thadam ” 2day 6/2/19 @Prasad Lab by 10.30am.

Produced by: Redhan IndraKumar.


Arun Vijay in dual role. New and young music director is introduced in this movie. The film was purchased by Sunder of Screen Scene.

Director told , This is a action thriller. The film tells about Love, Sentiments , and about inner soul. This film has lot of surprises. Indian film Industry will encourage young music director Arunraj. He has all talent of all music.Karky is first friend then only my lyricsits. If you read lyric without music also you will love the lyrics. While writing the script i kept my editor in my mind. The director appreciate logo designer. Director thanked all his team mates.

If there any plus in the movie it belongs to all my team if there is any minus it is only by me.

Director told that there is a liplock kissing scene butvi said no but director told that u are an artist so u have to do it then i accepted it. Director said that he has taken 13 takes for it.

The screeplay was highlite of the film, the happy wheels dual role is much interesting and challenging for me.

We have problem in cencor on the kissing scene.

The movie is decided by audience. The film Thadam will fullfill the audience.

The film is releasing on March.






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