Director Ram’s ” Peranbhu ” movie review


Director Ram’s ” Peranbhu ” movie review.



Peranbhu is a girl who is spastic and called her as Paapa, by his father, She is flawed, like every other human in the world, but we all tag her with the term ‘disabled.’ Ram’s Peranbu is a realistic take on the lives of these humans in the society, who want nothing but acceptance. And what a way has he found to tell us the story of Paapa. A single father Amudhavan (Mammootty), whose whole world is his daughter Paapa played by  (Sadhana).  she isn’t a normal teenager. She has cerebral palsy, and is, in fact, too afraid to even let her father close. Ram, as a director, has an easy way of slipping in the details and takes as to feel the emotions of each character step by step. Amudhavan is very caring, but Paapa doesn’t get all that. She aiways scared,she often locks herself inside the room and is away from his father.Peranbu discusses one of the most sensitive things and an under-explored theme in films — female sexuality of a girl affected by cerebral palsy,

Ram divide the nature as character and makes it as play into 10 chapters and each one describes a phase of the father-daughter relationship, drawing parallels between life and nature. Some of the chapters are titled — ‘nature is brutal’, ‘nature is love’, ‘nature is full of surprises’, ‘nature is unpredictable’, ‘nature is ever-evolving’ and so on.

Amudhavan a care taker man, who loves his daughter so much that he doesn’t mind help her change sanitary napkins when she is on her period. On the other hand, he is yet to come to terms with his child-like daughter, who struggles not knowing how to deal with sexual desires. He couldn’t believe his daughter is no more a ‘Paapa.Peranbhu is a challenging script. Sadhana as Paapa acts as it makes our heartstrings as Paapa. Her innocent face haunts you long after the film is over. How Meera a transgender becomes a person in his family. A movie to see with humanity.



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