” Podhunalamkarudhi ” movie review


” Podhunalamkarudhi ” movie review.

The movie is about who financer tempts to get finance and tourters them if they fail to pay dues in time story moves and about  three youngster who comes to Chenai from various place to make income.Among three two joins with financer and one starts selling bike.There is already two financer and one big financer there are three heroines one who loves the Karunakaran who is a cab driver and he search his brother who missed for two years.

Sowunder loves a giirl who works in laundry but she hates him because he is goonds,and she gets marriage with other.The third love is one side who loves a girl were she wants to be alone to enjoy the liberty. 

The movie tells the live of young bachelers & lives of financers. The screenply is ok, Director tells the story of who gets finance.

This is movie to watch were it caution to the borrowers.What happens to the brother of Karunakaran is climax, Director Zion mafe the picture of Podhunalamkaruthi. A movie for public regardig awareness on financers.Agood movie to watch.



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