” Sagaa ” Movie Review


Sagaa Movie Review.


Sagaa is a crime triller and about youngsters.  story of a about a group of imprisoned youngsters who wish to break out from the jail and pursue their individual goals. Two juvenile convicts escape from prison — one for revenge and the other for romance. With a ruthless warden determined to catch them, A good performance by all the young stars, Sathya and Kadhir are chased by the police through streets of a shanty locality. Prithvi as Ganga delivers good performance as a hot headed rapist/criminal while Sree Raam who grabbed the audience when he starred in Pasanga deserves applauds for his portrayal as a stoic prisoner. The friendship  between Sathya. Kadhir and Siva (Kishore) is well-built. The trio stand out, beautifully and their friendship of each other.Shabir, the music director and lyricist offers note worthy and powerful lyrics related to love and friendship. The actors carry the movie on their shoulder.actor Deena does his best as jail warden.


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