Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum movie review.


IRIR a love story mixed with little mother sentiment and more love.

Gowtham who grows without mother, he was brought by his father, His mother left him while he is to young. The mother less boy becomes a angry and aggressive person. He mets Tara in unexpected circumstance often and this made to love each other, She becomes as wittness for which a figth appence with his friend, She saves him and she says that i am fall in love with u, she tries to find a good time to tell her love with Gowtham to his parents mean while the parents fix an enganment with Vinoth a close relative of Tara. Gowtham gets upset, She tells Goutham to keep quite until she convince his fiance , now her fiance makes trouble and his father brings Gowtham from police. He feels to move a long distance from her and goes a ride.Tara loves him so much and she feels that she can’t live without Gowtham.both have small fights often. Tara says u should be carefull when u fall in love. Shilpa acted so matured acting that to in subway where her acting is so natural. Ponvannan as father and Balasaravanan & Ma Ka Pa as friends who reacts according to the situation of his love.Camera work is super and music is ok. The movie has more fights and many more romance scene to catch attraction of the audience. What happens to their love, watch for it. Harish kalyan is so suitable to his character. Shilpa Manjunath as lover impressed with his acting in all scene.a movie to all youngsters.


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