Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum Press note.


Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum Pre-Release event press note.


Acclaimed as the most rugged and realistic love story of this season, Isapde Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum is all set for a grand release on March 15. The cast and crew of this film interacted with press and media this evening at the pre-release event. Here are some of the excerpts from the event.

Producer Balaji Kapa of Madhav Media said, “When Ranjit Jeyokodi came on-board, I wanted him to give me a super output and am happy that he has delivered a a good movie. I am happy to have worked with Harish Kalyan, Shilpa Manjunath and others in the team.”

Music Director Sam CS said, “Whenever I work with Ranjit, it’s always a different experience as we don’t plan up anything in advance. I just tune up and ask if he is interested in taking it up. So happens to be the tune for “Kannama” as we casually composed the tune. These days, love stories have become scarce and I am happy that I have worked in this film. Personally, I feel everyone will reflect emotionally with this movie. It’s a tailor made film for those falling in love, already in love and love failures too. Even I have come across many relationships thinking that it’s love and finally got to see them untrue when I got married and experienced trueness. I am really satisfied to have worked in this film as it has lots to give the audiences. Harish Kalyan isn’t just a chocolate boy, but has attempted a lot in showcasing uniqueness in all emotions including mother sentiments and exhibiting anger. Even Shilpa has done a wonderful job. This is a love story, but it’s not all about love and there are lots of layers held intact within.”

Cinematographer Kavin said, “it’s been a great journey for me. When we started working on the film, Ranjit wanted me to make a different attempt including the colour palette and the angles. The film has come out well than we planned. I want audiences to come to theatre and enjoy the movie for a good experience.”

Actress Divya said, “For everyone who has watched Ranjit Sir’s Puriyaadha Puthir, I am sure about the love elements in the movie. Ranjit sir happens to be the positive vibe to me. It’s because of him, I am standing here. The onscreen chemistry between Harish Kalyan and Shilpa Manjunath is sizzling as all of us have seen in songs and trailer.”

Actor Bala Saravanan said, “First, Ranjit brother called me for a role and it didn’t happen. Now I am happy that I am a part of the movie. What I like about Ranjit sir is that he gives me complete freedom in both shooting and dubbing as well. Harish Kalyan and I had lots of good experiences during the shooting spot. Everyone has good experience in love and even I had those reflections in my life too. I am sure everyone will enjoy watching this film.”

Actor Ponvannan said, “Before working with Ranjit sir in this film, we were supposed to work in a movie that was based on three characters and parallel stories. But it didn’t happen due to some reasons. But Isapde Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum is a film that carries the trades and inspirations of veteran filmmakers and writers like K Balachander, Mahendran, Rudrayya and Jayakanthan. When it comes to Harish Kalyan, I feel that he has the same vibe and energy that Shahrukh Khan had during his initial days. After Vijay Sethupathi, he has the charm of attracting the Indian audiences. I came
to industry with dreams of making films, but am here as actor for survival. After a long time, I felt like making a film with Harish Kalyan as hero. MA KA PA Anand and Bala Saravanan had been the real joy givers on the shooting spots.”

Actress Shilpa Manjunath said, “Balaji sir is the strong foundation of this film. I thank and wish him to make more movies. I am here today because of Ranjit sir. Harish Kalyan has been a gentleman and working with him was so comfortable. Even during intimate scenes, he gave complete comfort and it was a good experience.”

Filmmaker Ranjit Jeyakodi said, “Soon after the trailer of Mellisai, producer Balaji sir called me up and said that we would work together. Initially, we started working on a different film that was based on Paper Story, a crime thriller that had Harish Kalyan, Ponvannan, MA PA KA and Bala Saravanan in lead. After spending months in the office of producer, I was negligent to ask him if we can work on a new project. It was surprising to see that he instantly gave a nod.

This is an out and out entertainment movie that has a serious concept within. These days, in the name of Love, there are lots of violence upon women. For Harish Kalyan, it’s breaking the barrier and hereafter, he will be definitely chosen for any unconventional and phenomenal roles. We auditioned around 32 and finally zeroed in Shilpa Manjunath.”

Actor Harish Kalyan said, “There are few elements in the film, where we have tried conveying a message about women. Soon after listening to the script, I couldn’t connect myself with the role of Isapde Raja, but it was Ranjit who gave me a complete confidence that I will do it. This is a film targeted not only for youngsters, but even the parents can watch it as it doesn’t have anything to hurt the women. I am a hardcore fan of Sam CS from the time of listening to Yaanji and I selfishly asked him if I can get a similar song. He has given a fabulous song and the second half will get more intensified with his BGM. The film’s lighter moments are completely carried by Ma Ka Pa and Bala Saravanan. I really enjoyed watching their portions in dubbing and am sure audiences will enjoy as well. Shilpa is a hardworking woman and she has done a good job.

Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum personally created an impact within me with the climax. I am sure everyone will have some reflections while watching the movie.”


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