” Krishnam ” release 2day.


Krishnam release 2day 15th March.

The movie is real story happend in the life of producer and his son. Hero a student who study in college and help other students also, Balaram his father who is very affecinate to his son and movesas a friend with him, On international competition dance programme he fals on the stage why & what happen to him and how he recovered from the health problem is the dtory if the movie. Balaram a devotee of Guruvayuraappan, he use visit Temmple every month. When his son face a criitical health problem,where the Dr says that there is one one percent in recovering even doing surgery. He bings specialitst Dr’s from UK for surgery. When Dr starts the surgery he himself gets upset on doing surgery and sits in the operation theatre. Balram prays Guruvayurappan while operation is going on, laters Dr does surgery and the patient was safe. The Dr explains that how he does the operaton is a miracle for me, he says that he feels some power came in my body to do the operation. While doing operation he felt that the power was with him while operation. As said the patient wokeup within the operation over. Balram feels that the God Guruvayuappan saved his son.The tells us even inthe present world when u belive in God he will be withus to help US.. The producer Balram says that he wants to tell the world that Lord Guruvayurappan has saved his son, So he decided to produce a cinema to show how Guruvayurappan has helped him. The hero acting is ok.Dinesh Baboo made a neat movie with some commercial mixed to make others to watch the movie. A movie that makes others to feel God.


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