Movie review of ” Agni vs Devi “


Agni vs Devi movie review

Agni vs Devi a crime movie. The film starts with o0’s were a political Bobby simha a cop who waits for a reporter whom needs a interview of him, Ramya calls Bobby and tells him that the reporter will be there by Till 2.45 the reporter never turned up, So Bobby calls Ramya and says that he never entertain those who never keeps time. At the same time he saw in TB that the reporter girl who was suppose to take interview was killed by Now he steps into the case to find the happy wheels culprit who murdered the lady reporter. Madhubala as lady villian who plays a negative roll and comes as Minister. While Bobby trace to find out the accuest he face lot of hindetance from his superior Bose venkat who is close to Lady minister, who is in back ground to all. He comes to that the reporter has witness of muder of a minister in Haryana. The movie has lot of twist and turns in screenplay.Cameraman has proved his work, music is good, Madhubala acting is over, Bobby does his charater too good. A crime movie to watch.


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