Super Deluxe graffiti installation Graffiti,


Super Deluxe graffiti installation

Super Deluxe graffiti installation

which is wall art typically used illicitly in a public place, is often considered controversial.
Over the weekend, for the very first time graffiti went up on a wall at Satyam cinema. This is also,
perhaps, the first-time graffiti is being used for promotions of a Tamil film, maybe even an Indian
We had a brief conversation with Gopi Prasanna, Publicity Designer for Super Deluxe to learn more.
Are you a graffiti artist? How did you decide to create this piece of art work?
I am not a trained graffiti artist. Eight years ago, during a photoshoot for a movie, I saw this tin of
paint and wanted to try it out. The art assistant of the project said it’s not possible to make a nice
work of graffiti without experience. I decided to give it a try anyway and just went with the flow. I
created a symmetrical face, which I am really proud of and the work can be seen on my Twitter DP.
For Super Deluxe we wanted to hire an experienced graffiti artist. We shortlisted many artists from
all over India. But it didn’t turn out the way we wanted. One team left us after receiving the advance
money. One team disappointed us by showing someone else’s graffiti as their own. With no time left
to explore further, I ended up working on the piece myself. This is my first professional graffiti
You have created promotional materials for several Tamil movies. How did you decide to use
graffiti for Super Deluxe?
Super Deluxe is a thoughtful and intense movie, with many layers to it. Each time you watch the
movie, you’ll see something new emerging. Similarly, I wanted create publicity materials that are
nuanced yet daring and reflective of the pensive quality of the movie.
The publicity posters for Super Deluxe all started with hand drawings. These hand drawing were
then layered with several details such as actors’ photos. There is a raw, organic quality to the
posters, which we wanted to extend to outdoor publicity, as well.
Graffiti as an art form is unapologetically bold, which is what I feel when I think of Super Deluxe.
Is there any significance to illustrating this narrative from the trailer?
Yes. The trailer of Super Deluxe is super fresh and the narrative is very powerful. I wanted to depict
the core idea of the narrative using a powerful visual medium. Also, since I am not an expert or
trained graffiti artist, I didn’t have the guts to try and draw the faces of the actors! 🙂



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