Trailer Launch of ” Kolaiyudhir Kaalam “


Trailer Launch of ” Kolaiyudhir Kaalam ” held at hotel Hilton.

Producer Madhialaga said I am running a Medical college, But producing movie is very challanging, due to passion for cinema I am producing. I hope that Nayanthara will come for press show.

Director is in London, Nayanthara is in shooting, Yuvan in Dudhai, I made this event in front of Press. Radharavi told that press should encourage small movies, I am going to enter in press field. because producing movie is risk, I cant Direct film because of my temperment, I have to one thing that all producers should make agrement with artist to attend the events and for promotions. Even ghost will afraid of Nayanthara because she acts well, I thought that if i may produce film i will keep title as 1liter. Producer said that he as produced 12 films so far but i have not acted in any on of it, i came today but artist who acted are not attended today. If a producer produce so many family will have income through the production house.


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