Teaser Launch of ” Malighai “


Teaser Launch of ” Malighai ” held @ Greenpark Hotel by 7.00pm.

Music Director/ Producer/ Actor. Vijay Antony revealed the Teaser

Producres: Kamal Bhora, Rajesk Kumar.

Director: Dil Sathya, Camera : Ram Singh.

Starring: Andrea, J k, K.S.Ravikumar & Ali.

Dill Sathya’s first Tamil film he has directed nearly more than 25 movies. He said that the movie completed within 37days. His combination with music director is fourth film.

Andrea said that Prodcers are from north, Director from Karnataka are doing Tamil film. The story is good and.women centric subject, so i accepted to do it. Its dual oritentd subject. Ravikumar said the line of the subject is so unique.

Ali said that the director said the subject in mixed language. He was so commitment on what he is doing.

JK said that i dont know even a single word in Tamil accept Vanakkam. But in next meet i will speak in Tamil.


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