City based Smart Creations manufactures gold plated sheets for Lord Ayappa’s Temple Side Walls


City based Smart Creations manufactures gold plated sheets for Lord Ayappa’s Temple Side Walls

City based Smart Creations manufactures gold plated sheets for Lord Ayappa’s Temple Side Walls

  • Actor Jayaram offers Puja in presence of Shri K. Veeramani Raju, Spiritual Singer

 Chennai, 15th June 2019

 Well known and Internationally acclaimed Actor, Mr. Jayaram from the Kollywood & Mollywood Cine Industry, offered pujas in the presence of Shri. K. Veeramani Raju, Spiritual Singer along the lines of the traditional rituals for the Gold-plated sidewalls sheets (“Vaasa kaal”) for the Shri Sabarimala Ayappan Temple, Kerala. The Puja was offered at the factory premises of Smart Creations, Chennai. Post the puja, the gold-plated sheets will be taken to Sabarimala and be installed accordingly.The project was executed by Chennai based Smart Creations, well kn own for creating artistic designs in the temple décor and architecture field. The Gold-plated sheets for the Side Walls will be transported to the Holy Temple located in Sabarimala, Kerala and installed shortly.

The highlights of the Gold-plated sheets for the sidewalls are the artisans ha ve beautifully handcrafted 2 Nos. of Ashtalakshmi Panels, 2 Nos. of auspi cio us symbols and 2 Nos. of Accessories with Lakshmi Symbols. The height of the sheets is a standard 6 feet with the width ranging from 6 inches to 12 inches. Incidentally, Smart Creatio ns has undertaken an earlier project for the Ayy apan Temple wherein the holy doors were coated in 24 Kt Gold using their Nano Technology Gold Deposit (NTGD) Gold Plating technology successfully.

This was made possible by the patronage of an ardent devotee of the Lord Ayyapa, who donated the entire cost of renovation, after the approval of the Travancore Devaswom Board. The Gold-plated sheets for the Side Wall pro ject was done in two phases spread over 3 months with 30 days only dedi ca ted for making the copper sheets and gold plating.“The same donor who had earlier donated the gold doors had once again approached us for the new pr oject of making gold plated sheets for the sidewalls. This particular donor has been our customer for the past 12 years,” said Mr. Pankaj Bhandari, MD, Smart Creations.

The challenges were many as the Travancore Devaswom Board had to be absolutely convinced of the quality of work and the Gold used. We got total support from Shri. Unniswamy, the Priest of the temple who had faith in our quality and honesty. Furthermore, the Board deputed The Commissioner, Superintendent and a Jeweler to observe our entire process,” he added.“We have given a written guarantee on gold deposits, warranty periods and Gold recovery warranty,” Mr. Pankaj further commented on how supportive the Board was, as it was a new journey for them.

“We are unique in many ways. Our notable highlights are we ass ure minimum maintenance, maximum warranty and gold recovery in our process. Also, the fact that our guarantee for this project is 25 years plus further convin ced the Travancore Devaswom Board after seeing our methodology and processes,” he added.“I had got to know about this project by the Donor, Mr. Govardhan Roddam from Bellary, Karnataka who is a good friend of mine. I was abs olutely thrilled and excited to hear about this project that Smart Cre ations has executed. As an ardent devotee of Lord Ayappa, it is indeed an honor for me to see the whole pro cess of the gold-plated sidewalls,” said Mr. Jayaram who unveiled the gold-plated sidewalls.

About Smart Creations:

 Smart Creations since 1998, has covered more than 4500 temples and has been internationally recognized for their heavenly work and honest prices. Currently, touching the lives of over 100 artisans, the company plans to take this number to 1500 in the next 5 years.With a full-fledged production unit in Chennai, Smart Creations ha ve executed large projects for the India and Sri Lanka Government by setting up temporary units in the respe cti ve temples and mutts.The company has just completed their biggest project till date of a Buddhist Shrine in Sri Lanka. With India being known for its temples, the Government of Karnataka, Bihar and Telangana have evinced interest to commence projects with them.The aim of the company is to create more artisans, taking Brand India to a higher level and make India reclaim its title “India – Land of Gold”.


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