Director Aswin Saravanan ” GameOver ” Movie Review


Taapee’s ” Gameover ” Movie Review.


Director Aswin Saravanan thought differently for the film Gameover. The movie about a girl who made Tattoo in her body.’Game Over’ begins with a shot of a woman being killed in a gory way. Her head is sliced off, and her body is burn. News reports showing how this is just the beginning of a horrifying serial murders.Swapna, an video gamer and addict to play video game regularly. Taapsee’s first release in Tamil after about four years and she has sunk her teeth into the character with full josh. Be it withdrawing into a shell when the past flashes in front of her eyes,. who is also afraid of the dark. Her nyctophobia is first triggered by a personal tragedy that happened just a year ago, and unable to come to terms with it, she shuts herself to the world, to her parents, and stays with her caretaker, Kalamma. The only thing that keeps her going is her love for gaming, her life changes after she finds out that the ink that was used to make the tattoo on her wrist contains a stranger girl’s ash,she becomes the target of the serial killer. Will Swapna be able to beat life at its own game? She lives with it and still, things work out her way, organically.Swapna is trapped inside her house, and whenever she encounters death face to face  Vinodhini as Kamalamma is natural.’Game Over’ is a thriller you wouldn’t have seen anything like this before. Gameover movie is  good to wach,


Rating : 3.5/5


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