Movie Review of Ajith’s “Nerkonda Parvai “


Movie Review of Ajith’s “Nerkonda Parvai ” 


Cast- of Nerkonda Parvai.: Ajith Kumar  ,Shraddha Srinath ,Vidya Balan ,Andrea,Abhirami Venkatachalam  ,Arjun Chidambaram,Adhik Ravic handran ,Ashwin Rao,Sujith Shankar,Rangaraj Pandey,Delhi Ganesh ,Jeya Prakash ,D. Ramachandran ,Dinesh P Nair ,Kodhanda Raman ,Kalpana Sri ,Kumara Gurubharan ,Mai. Pa. Narayanan ,KK Menon ,


The Ajith’s Film Nerkonda Parvai is bankrolled by Boney Kapoor under the production banner Bayview Projects LLP. the film is Aniruddha Roy Chaudhary’s 2016 Hindi film Pink (Starring Amitabh Bachchan), Nerkonda Paarvai is about three working-class, independent women Meera, Andrea and Famitha Banu (played by Shraddha Srinath, Andrea Tariang and Abhirami Vekatachalam respectively) who spends time with a group of men Adhik, Vishwa, Venky and Gavas (played by Arjun Chidambaram, Adhik Ravichandran, Aswin Rao and Sujith Sankar respectively) at resort after a rock concert.

The dialogues are happy wheels sharp and to the point, making it one if the highlights. Nerkonda Paaravai . The fight sequence of Ajith in a remake like Pink to satisfy the mass image of Ajith is very well justified and done in style.

The acquaintance leads to an unexpected turn of events as one of the boys gets attacked by one of the women as an act of defiance when he forces himself onto her. After a series of intimidation and threats, the women take this battle to court, where they are represented by Bharath Subramanian (played by Ajith Kumar) an erratic lawyer, who is under medication for stress.The Court drama exposes the society’s judgemental gaze towards a woman, who did nothing but assert her agency. The film says that if any women says “NO” no one should force her even a prostitute.

Vidya Balan makes her presence felt in a brief role as Bharath’s wife, Kalyani. Shraddha Srinath does well, portrays the strength and vulnerability of Meera, and her relationship with Andrea and Famitha is shown through well-acted moments. Rangaraj Pandey’s intentionally loud performance as the opposition lawyer gels well with his character. Cinematography is well handled by Nirav shah.


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