Actor/ Producer R.K Attempt Guiness World Record on Self Apply of VIP Hair Colour Shampoo


” VIP Natural Hair Colour Shampoo ” Attempt Guinness World Records on Self Apply.


GUINNESS RECORD breaking self-apply World’s first VIP Natural Hair Colour Shampoo

GUINNESS RECORD breaking self-apply World’s first VIP Natural Hair Colour Shampoo. One of India’s leading Research, Development & Marketing Company focused on delivering high-quality consumer products today announced that the company broke GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® by gathering more than 1006 participants in one place applying world’s first VIP Natural Hair Colour Shampoo simultaneously within the stipulated time. The successful record attempt was to create and increase awareness about the important aspect and special features of the VIP’s new Natural Hair Colour Shampoo.

This unique event was held @ EVP Film City, Poonamallee, Chennai on Thursday, 15th August, 2019 in the esteemed presence of:
· Jack Brockbank, Adjudicator, GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS®
· Bollywood actress, Karisma Kapoor
· Shri. R Kay, Founder & MD, BuyHappy Marketing LLP
· Prof. Ranganathan J, Honorary Consul of Myanmar, Chennai
Employees from BuyHappy, various members had been involved in the project, general public and other representatives from various walks of life.

Commenting on the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® Shri. R Kay, Founder & MD, BuyHappy LLP, said, “This unique event is special to us, not only because of the largest gathering associating our brand/effort but also proud to be the first South Indian company has taken up a huge effort to catch the fancy of every member in the event who aspires to get that opportunity to see themselves as young.”

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He added, “This award is a recognition for all of us at VIP, we always endeavoured to connect with every emotions of our consumers’ lives and this recognition of talent will further inspire us to bring more of such quality products to our country.”

The most satisfying fact of this occasion was to organise largest gathering and make them to complete the task within the stipulated time, we set out to break a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® with the enthusiastic support of the public and Government of Tamil Nadu.”

To set a record, the largest gathering had to self-apply hair colour shampoo with bare wet hands simultaneously (without cloves) and wash it after 15 minutes. Representatives from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS®, watched the entire episode and handed over a certificate to Shri. R Kay, Founder & MD, BuyHappy LLP.

All the attendees will receive a Flyer of attendance which certifies their participation in the record attempt.

During the event, Shri. R Kay, Founder & MD, BuyHappy LLP has announced that VIP will be coming up with a new product for snoring called “VIP SNORE CARE OIL”. This product can control snoring, improves sleep quality, prevents nasal congestion and relieve stress.

Most of the permanent dyes can cause many allergic reactions in the sensitive areas such as face and neck i.e. itching, redness, skin irritation or swelling on your scalp. Keeping the above in mind, BuyHappy has come up with its unique product “VIP Natural Hair Colour Shampoo” for the first time in world, which contains shampoo, hair colour and conditioner.

The New VIP Natural Hair Colour Shampoo has the following special feature:
· The one and only product which can be used without cloves unlike other products
· It has 5 in 1 features with Ammonia free can be applied in head, hand, chest, beard and mustache
· User friendly and time-saving product can be applied like a shampoo, it does not stick to skin but only to the hair

We take this opportunity to thank the industry leaders, public, media and those who have been the constant force for putting up this epic event a grand success and special thanks to GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® for their support and guidance.


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