Movie Review of ” Pappy “


Pappy  movie review.


Prabhu who is studying in college was suspended for seeing porn film in mobile in his class room, He was a person who is sexual starving, So he gets idea from is senior to fulfill his sexual feelings.  He goes to prostitute and has bad instance, Prabhu’s father was a strict person, He was fond with his dog puppy, As  surprise to him Ramya comes as tenant to his house in the first floor, He makes her as friend, And later they falls in love. Prabhu try to attain her so many times as his friends advice, how to make acceptance of girls, but failed many times.  One day circumstance makes them to fall in sex. Prabhu gets shock that she is pregnant, happy wheels Prabhu  gives tablet to abolish it before knowing to their parents, Problem starts between them and what happens within them is the later story. Meanwhile the dog fall ill and he takes it to doctor,  He  says that the dog needs matting, and tells him to take care, Due to his own problem he never looks dogs health, At last dog gets serious and Prabhu takes dog and run to doctor and cries to save the dog. The director gives solution on subject with keeping Puppy as a  character and brings the Puppy to solve the problem in  the climax. The movie has a lot of fun with Yogibabu as adviser to Prabhu, Hero Varun & Heroine Samyutha as Ramya both performed well. The screenplay, Dialogue will makes youngsters happy.

A movie to youth by Youth Muratattu Single.    Ratting 3.5/5


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