” Petromax ” Movie Review


” Petromax ” Movie Review.


Prem in Malaysia comes to Tamilnadu after the death of their parents. He decide to sell his father property,  Prem friend a police man, creates a rumour that there is evil spirit is in the house, and tries to acquire the house for less price and tell Prem  that the house will not go to a huge price due to evil spirit. But the movie starts wth Thamana boils milk as if she purchased the house, But to twist,  Prem selects four person who needs money, to stay in the house to prove that there is no evil spirit in the house, so that he can get fancy price, The movie revolves around evil vs four person.First half gives light horrors with the evils, The Second half gives horror with comedy with the four , one is a dunked,  second is a deaf and blind in the evening, third a film fan, and fourth as a heart patient, The dialogue and scene are so comedy and is enjoyable, the movie has mixer of Horror, Sentiments and more comedy to the audience.Yogi babu comes as cameo who belongs to the party who needs to prove that there is evil, who wins in the last , the gang who proves that there is evil and another gang who wants to prove that there is no evil in the house. The four comedy characters played by Muniskanth, Sathyan, Kali Venkat and TSK are very well performed. movie is a comedy horror with twist in the story,  audience will enjoy watching the movie. Thamana  gives her best, other artist also acted nicely. Director concentrated in comedy to mind to cover childerns, Music is good, Dialouge especially in comedy scene is super, Watch & Enjoy.  The highlight of the movie is not like as low as Petromax, It is as high as 100 watts. Rating 3.5/5


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