Movie Review ” Irandam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu “


Movie Review ” Irandam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu “.


First we should appreciate Producer Pa. Ranjith for choosing  the script and Director for giving a good film, which has a message in it. that we are unknow that we are in the top on the bombs which is under our seas,  The movie is about one among a  bomb which was dumped on sea, used in World War 2, washed ashore near Mahabalipuram sea shore, Foreigner call police and says about the bomb that washed in the land, And how it transport from one hand to another and from  one place to another Scrap business people, and shows the problems of  lorry drivers’,while resting during the transportation.the movie reflects life of workers who work in scarp without any safety  to Drivers, Cleaners and other workers working in the Scrapyard, when the workers try to dismantle the bomb thinking it as steel happy wheels and aluminum. while Rythvika, who plays as an activist and journalist wants to unearth from an amateur company who got tender to dismantle the bombs found in an ocean which has a good business so  they recovered it and dumped in another side of the Indian sea shore. 

Dinesh as driver and  Munishkanth who called as puncture who accompany with Dinesh, gives his best in the movie as comedian, Kayal Anandhi as lover of Dinesh, As lover Dinesh  says to  Anandhi that is aim is to purchase a lorry of his own, The climax of the film is weather the  bomb  explodes or not, how it was saved from police who is supports the business icon John Vijay,   The love track is also well maintained between the main story, Director  Athiyan Athirai gives a screenplay which never bored till end. Especially Music & Camera was more supportive . The movie is of 3 four letters,  LOVE & BOMB. –  GOOD

Rating : 4 / 5


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